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Have a lot more Confidence next time you visit The auto shop

Getting Ripped Off On Car Repair?

  • FREE Do It Yourself Information Could Save You THOUSANDS of Dollars
  • FREE Diagnostic Trouble Code Descriptions i.e. P0171, P0174, P0300, P0420, P0442.
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  • FREE Automotive Videos.
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  • Save Money On: Check Engine Light Diagnosis, Oil Changes, Maintenance Repair, Transmission Repairs, Tires For Your Car, Major Engine Repair, Body Work, Brake Repair, Windshields, Steering & Suspension Repair, When traveling On Vacation, HVAC repairs.

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  • Have you or someone you know ever felt like they got ripped off or were overcharged on a car repair?
  • How would you like it, if we could tell you the repair was necessary and what the cost should be, so that you have control of the situation and have confidence in what’s being done?
  • We work with anyone who owns a car purchased after 1996, who are challenged with not knowing if their repairs are truly required, not knowing what it should cost and overall feels they have lost control when taking their car in for repair.
  • We have created a proven system where we validate the repair leaving you in control not the mechanic, so you will know exactly what is needed and what it should really cost.
  • Our Patent Pending technology exists to help cars that are equipped with an On-board diagnostic port. That means that we can check the electronics of your computer system remotely letting you know what’s going on with your car.
  • Sign up today and receive a OBDII Bluetooth Connector with App so we can help you diagnose your car anywhere in America.
  • Nation Wide Coverage.
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  • 80% of women feel ripped off or overcharged, 60% of men feel ripped off or overcharged.
  • According to Consumer Federation of America Billions of dollars are spent annually in faulty or unnecessary repairs.
  • We will evaluate your bill to make sure you never over pay.
  • Get matched to a repair facility near you!
  • Ask JJ F. of California how he saved over $600 by calling A.R.M.
  • ASE independent second opinion on auto repair.
  • We do for car repair what AAA does for towing, give you peace of mind.
  • Changing the way consumers choose auto repair professionals.
  • National coverage.
  • Peace of mind when you travel.
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